Heating Services

Our technicians are highly trained to provide maintenance and installation of all heating systems. Select the product below for more information:

arrow Forced Air Furnaces
photo of Trane forced air furnace

Central Gas burning furnace that distributes heated air thru duct systems and is controlled via a central thermostat. The duct system can be zoned with area thermostat control.

  • Modulating Furnaces have several different rates for burning gas to adapt to changing outside temperature experiences in Colorado to provide the highest comfort level in you home
  • Two Stage the furnace burns gas at two different rates to provide comfort in your home
  • Variable Speed furnaces: A blower motor that changes speed to accommodate the air requirements. Uses one third the electrical energy of conventional blower motors
  • High efficiency furnaces have ratings greater than 90% to ensure the home owner is losing less heat to the environment thus saving money

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arrow Boilers/Hydronics Heating
photo of Trane boiler

Distributes hot water around the home to radiate heat through radiators, baseboard heating, or floor heating. Typically controlled with multi-zoned thermostats located in different areas. This type of heating is the most efficient and comfortable form of heating.

  • Radiators/baseboard heating is when hot water circulates thru wall mounted units that radiate heat into the room.
  • Radiant Floor Heating circulates hot water thru tubing that is either imbedded into the floor surface or stapled to the underside of the floor.

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arrow Geo-Thermal
Geothermal logo

This technology relies primarily on the Earth’s natural thermal energy, a renewable resource, to heat or cool a home. A liquid is circulated thru tubes embedded deep in the earth to exchange the heat. The only additional energy GHP systems require a small amount of electricity. The heat distribution in the home can either be hydronic or forced air. This uses the least amount of fossil fuels to heat your home.

  • Refrigerant based systems use refrigerant as the liquid
  • Water based systems pump a water solution as the liquid

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arrow Heat Pumps
photo of Trane XL20i heat pump

Mini split ductless is installed in homes with no existing duct work. The home owner can control the temperature in individual rooms. A perfect solution for remodels or additions. As temperatures drop it is necessary to have back up heat.

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arrow Split Systems
photo of Trane a/c and furnance

Have an outside convention unit that connects to a furnace to provide heating and cooling needs. The system may need a back up heating system.

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